Painting on Walls

Are you thinking of how you can make your room beautiful? If you do, you better start off with the painting on your wall as it is cheapest way to beautify your room. You can find different kinds of paint that can satisfy different decorating needs. The challenge only starts when it is time for you to choose which color you should use for your wall and what kind of material will you utilize for finishing.

The paint commonly chosen for painting of ceiling walls or for other intended applications is the Emulsion paint. This is so because such type of paint works very well on walls as well as ceiling as they can be applied easily as compared to other paints plus they get to last longer in terms of their color grip as well as their durability. They also have this super stretch performance that allows the paint to cover tiny cracks so that your wall will be protected and become more beautiful. Emulsion paint, with its high performance, can likewise work on metal as well as wooden surfaces. This is so because it is water-base in nature plus it is 100% acrylic based. More benefits of such paint include easy drying, easy to clean brush, easy to apply, washable, durable, plus it is not smelly. Thus, even if you have just painted the wall, you can already move in on that same day.

If you have a soft textured wall, it is ideal to make use of the coating on modern emulsion as it can produce metallic appearances effect. Even in your bathroom wall, this type of paint which is comprised of fungus resistant can be applied. You can mostly find the color selection of emulsion paint on vinyl silk and vinyl matte types. Aside from these vinyl types, there is also non vinyl selection of emulsion paint out there. If the houses to be painted are historical or ancient, these non vinyl types are the ones that are commonly used. Why so? This is so because it has a soft ancient looking effect with a bit chalky. Although making use of one layer emulsion paint usually creates a more extra coating power and it is more time saving, it still comes with poor color selection.

Thus, before you begin with your house painting, you must be aware of the amount of paint necessary to cover the intended area. Such amount would be based on the surface dimension as well as the number of layers necessary during paint process. The amount of paint necessary is pretty much affected by the wall texture and color.

Again, the number of layers that is necessary needed to cover the wall depends on the texture of the wall, color, as well as the paint quality. Bear in mind that more paint is necessary if you are to cover up a dark color wall. As for walls that are textural or that have just finished plaster, the amount of paint that you are to use would be twice the original. If you want to attain amazing result, it is necessary that you apply two to three thin layers. If you do otherwise and that is placing one thick layer, the result would not be perfect. Once you are starting to run out of paint, you should end the process of painting at the very wall corner so that you will avoid unbalance color and avoid starting over from the middle part of the ceiling or wall. Another thing to bear in mind is the application of white color based at first if you have the intention to change the color. Make use of cheaper paint in doing so.

Isn’t wall painting interesting? Once you are satisfied with your wall, then add some complements that abstract art paintings can provide. There are lots of contemporary paintings out there that can add to the beauty of your wall. If you want your efforts to be better emphasized as also by your wall painting, you can also come up with your original abstract art. Your wall will surely end up amazingly beautiful!

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