Nude, Mona Lisa-like painting surfaces

In a Renaissance version of Mad Magazine, it was stated that Leonardo da Vinci could have painted his famous Mona Lisa in several ways and that includes nude paintings. Just recently, a Mona Lisa painting was brought out and it pretty much similar to the original. As a consequence, a sparking debate regarding how far the master took his iconic painting came about.

The said painting that was just revealed was hidden for almost one century and the hiding place was within the wood wall of a private library. Guess what the painting  shows? Well, it is actually a portrayal of a half-naked woman that can be clearly linked to the popular Mona Lisa in clothes.

The said controversial work that is all over the news these days is suggested in documents that it was at least based on a similar work by d Vinci that was never seen before. If you want to take a look at this painting, you should visit the Museo Ideale which is situated in the Tuscan town of Vinci. Such town was the birth place of d Vinci in 1452.

Although there no exact resemblance between the lady in the portrait and the original Mona Lisa, there is however a bit of a doubt that it has some similarity with that gallery painting which is currently hanged at the Louvre museum in Paris.

“The frontal look, the position of the hands, the spatial conception of the landscape, with columns at the sides, shows a clear link with the Mona Lisa’s iconographic theme,” Alessandro Vezzosi, director of the museum, told Discovery News.

Such naked portrait was once owned by Cardinal Joseph Fesch (1763-1839), the uncle of Napoleon. It was installed within the wood walls of Fesch’s private library for about a century before he traded more hands within the Napoleon family.

Cardinal is indeed an art lover as shown by his striking collection of artworks. Among his collection include da Vinci’s “St. Jerome” which is presently situated in Vatican gallery. He was able to discover the same in pieces from a second-hand dealer in the Roman shops.

Did you know that there is a note that was dated way back in 1845? Such record states that the Cardinal purchased “the portrait of the Mona Lisa, mistress of Francis I, by Leonardo da Vinci,” from a certain Rospigliosis who is a rich aristocratic Roman family.

According to MSN, the portrait passed to different hands after Cardinal died, possibly went to Napoleon III by purchase and finally ended up in the hands of a descendant of Luciano Bonaparte who is Count Giuseppe Primoli. He is actually the brother of Napoleon and the painting became part of his private collection.

Although there was documentation on how the painting was originally purchased, it is however an insufficient proof to verify that it was indeed the work of da Vinci himself. Thus, there would be scientific and artistic investigations that will be done on the nude portrait so that the date of its creation and the name of the creator will be determined. Nonetheless, even if the investigation will later result to the fact that the painting was not created by da Vinci, as most experts say, it might however be based on an original that was lost by the artist himself.

According to the leading da Vicni scholar Carlo Pedretti, he thinks that it is possible that Leonardo da Vinci painted a naked Mona Lisa. Pedretti, who said such statement to the Discover News, is the director of the Armand Hammer Center for Leonardo Studies of the University of California located in Los Angeles.

There are also several other claims saying that there was indeed an unclothed Mona Lisa that was painted over the years based on the the theory that da Vinci might have had some fun after he had created the famous image around 1503-1506.

Vezzosi released a statement saying: “There are at least six nude versions which are very close to da Vinci’s hand. All are attributed to the da Vinci school. The most likely scenario is that his followers got inspired by a now-lost original.”

Vezzosi further stated that the original naked Mona might have been part of a series of erotic portraits created by da Vinci as well as his pupils that were never released in public due to inappropriateness.

Oftentimes, the topless versions of the Mona Lisa known as “Monna Vanna” are truly considered as the portraits of a court mistress or prostitute.

Despite such fact, the said painting was still able to inspire the creations of other nude artists. One of the painting influenced of the original art painting of Raphaello’s of his mistress which was created in 1518 and was entitled, “The Baker Girl.”

Vezzosi also said that their quest for naked Mona Lisa’s continues. He further stated that they are presently on the tracks of another interesting version in Las Vegas.

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