Techniques of a Canadian Artist-Abstract Painter

When an artist works on an abstract art, it gives him more freedom in conveying his thoughts. In addition, he is also given the choice to remain exploratory and energetic at all times. He can work hard, with a consistent sense for color and design as he continues in trying out new techniques. When you create an art, you begin by looking for an apparently unlimited variety of supplies, from pastels, oil and acrylics to a huge selection of paper types and dimensions. One important source of inspiration is the medium. When one is looking for an art material, he carries it out with anticipation and excitement plus he carries it over into the initial stage of painting. In the creation of abstract art paintings, the subject is not premeditated.

There is a need for the artist to entirely concentrate and focus without anything or anyone distracting him. If he wants to return, he can’t as such option does not exist. If something has already been created, it is already irreversible. Courage is necessary in this method of working as there is nowhere to hide. Once done, everything is instant and final. Whatever color, line, composition and intuition that have been created at that moment in time, it will control the next move until the artwork has been completed. What forces the artist to remain honest is speed as he has no time to contemplate. As a consequence, a true “instant” and an almost imperceptible space of time are captured by the contemporary painting.

Art is primarily considered as technique comes second. Nonetheless, technique is the artist’s most powerful tool. If you observe an abstract artist’s studio, you would notice that it looks more like a laboratory or research facility. Also, the paintbrush is another most important tool. The problem in some of the work sometimes lies in the artist’s difficulty in finding a single brush stroke. Compelling adjoining paints to flow into each other resulting to a stunning painting while reminding of geological formations is one method of abstract art painting.

What is vital in the art is the research for new techniques, the curiosity to discover as well as to evoke new sensations. Huge attention is provided to the applying, moving including the mixing of paints. Once a new method becomes a particular interest, it will surely be followed up and continued to be explored. In fact, such search even extends far beyond the usual oil paints, water-based paints or acrylics.

There are times when the artist makes use of such materials in modelling compound or polymers including a selection of tools, as scrapers, sloped surfaces and wooden boards. The paint quantity can be possibly generous while the process is fast and energetic at all times. Also, there is a possibility that chemical compatibility and viscosity, or the lack of it including the manner to move the paint will appear within the same artwork.

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