Abstract Art You Can Finally Understand

Have you ever viewed an abstract art painting but you end up walking away while scratching your head? If your answer is yes, then you are not alone. If you want to understand an abstract art, continue reading as you will know how easy it is. In fact, you might even wonder why you didn’t ‘get it’ to begin with!

I know of one person who enjoys viewing abstract paintings. One day, she decided to show one of the pieces to her husband. She started the conversation by asking: “What do you think of this?” And here’s what he got to say. “What’s to get?” he answered back. In turn, she just couldn’t help herself but laugh. Nonetheless, she was wondering why her husband couldn’t see clearly what was so manifestly obvious to her. In fact, the husband was totally clueless. However, instead of telling her husband that abstracts are a study in color, composition and texture, that an abstract is often an expression of emotion put to canvas, that abstract art is all about design and movement and depth, she decided not to. One common thing that I often hear is: “Either you get it or you don’t.” But this is something that you will not hear from me as I know that abstract art does not need words at all. The same works for the person that I am talking about. She knew that the best way to ‘get it’ was to observe it in action for oneself. She knew exactly what to do in order to show her husband the true meaning of the abstract painting without saying a word. What she did was to simply show a picture of the exact same painting in a lovely setting. Guess how her husband reacted. His whole face lit up with surprise. He even exclaimed: “Wow! That looks really nice! I never would have thought of hanging that painting, but it looks really good. It’s almost like it was made for that room!” In an instant, the lame duck turned out to be a beautiful swan when it was shown in the context of interior design. There were no words used to explain one powerful image but can now be understood by anyone.

Almost all abstracts are magnificently gender neutral and the reason behind this fact can easily be seen. Once you begin dealing with things such as composition, emotion, design and texture, you are in gender neutral territory. This is what creates a perfect painting if you want to attract the attention of both men and women alike. Another surprising thing is that a lot of them are design style neutral also. You can blend abstract art beautifully into a country style setting and in an upscale modern loft, you can blend it equally well. Do you know the reason why interior designers use them so much? Well, that is so because it is impossible to go wrong with an abstract that catches the colors, the feeling as well as the texture of a room. They are very much aware of the secret. They know that an abstract can cause a distinct vibe based on its surroundings. Also, they do understand the power of abstract art in improving the feeling that they are attempting to capture in a room.

You cannot compare the fact of understanding abstract art with rocket science as they are entirely different. You need not be a meditative art guru in order to get it. Also, you need not be sophisticated, someone who can read very well or someone who have a master’s degree to get it. If you have the capacity to be pleased about the unsystematic pattern that nature uses to plant her trees or if you have the colors in a fish’s scale or the amazing textures which can be seen in a common river rock, then you possess all the tools that are necessary to be able to understand abstract art. Hence, you might as well forget about hesitating and instead take a second look. Visit abstract art galleries now! Thereafter, you should imagine them in context and enjoy the latest perspective!

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