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Celebrity Caricatures

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Do you want to learn how to do caricatures? If you do, then perhaps you want to start by practicing the drawing of celebrities as it is one of the most excellent ways to learn. This way, you and other people will be able to really see if you were able to comply with the first prerequisite of a caricature drawing which is resemblance. When you consider celebrities as the subjects of your paintings, anyone can judge your talent as your subjects can easily be recognized.

First, you might want to begin with your most-liked celebrity. Draw the one that you always watch on TV or see on magazine covers. Because of the fact that you probably look at this celebrity all the time, at least you already have a depot of his or her significant details such as the eyes, hair, mouth and eyebrows. In order to help you add dimension to your caricature, research pictures of that celebrity in magazines or you can find some online, and then try to obtain different images where the celebrity made different poses and angles. Scrutinize what certain hairstyle that celebrity always wears. This is so because this may be one of his or her most unique characteristics. Take note that the hair frames the face; hence, it can do much to either make or break the resemblance of your caricature with its subject.

Drawing a lot of celebrity caricatures would be advisable so that if you get really good at it, you can continue doing it as a fulltime business. This is so because celebrity caricatures are frequently sold for at least $10 as regards smaller versions. Also, you have the chance to earn hundreds when a magazine or publication buys your drawing.

Think of smart marketing strategies of your services as a caricature business is as good as how you market it.  One way to market your services is through the creation of free blogs on the Internet. You just need to post your caricatures so that other surfers will see. Take for instance abstract art gallery that are marketing amazing abstract art paintings online. Also, you can send your caricatures to local magazines and inform them that they can make use of it for free.  Most likely, the magazine will feature it and you may be able to obtain exposure as well as positive feedback.

Picasso Nude Sold for 45 Million US Dollars at Auction

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Have you ever heard of the nude painting created by Picasso? Well, if you haven’t, then I would like to inform you that there is. In fact, it was sold at auction by Christie on November 9, 1999 and it was for US$45.1 million dollars. Records at that time showed that such selling price was the fourth highest price ever paid for a Picasso.  At the time, it was US$51.6 million that was the highest price paid in 1989 for Picasso’s Pierette’s Wedding.

This contemporary painting is known as Nude in a Black Armchair (Nu au Fauleuil Noir). It was a portrait created by Picasso in 1932 and the subject of the same was Picasso’s mistress, Marie-Therese Walter. The painting shows Walter while asleep with her arms stretched out above her head. The same painting measures 65×53 inches or 165×135 cm and it was the first in a series of paintings Picasso painted of her in the same pose while living in Boisgeloup, outside Paris.

There were various works from the estate of Madeleine Haas Russell that were put up for auction by her heirs and this Picasso painting was one of them. Russell was the grand-niece of jeans magnate Levi Straus, a philanthropist, and a civic leader. He died earlier the year at the age of 84. When she was alive, she had donated some two million dollars’ to the San Francisco Museums of Fine Art.

If you want to look for Picasso like paintings, you can visit any abstract art gallery. There, you will find original abstract art paintings of talented painters.

Naked Taoiseach paintings removed

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Contemporary paintings include nude paintings and it really interests a lot of people most especially when the subject of the painting are celebrities or famous political figures. Even if they become controversial paintings, they are still publicly displayed.

However, here’s one controversial painting that was removed from public eyes. This painting could be described as oil on canvas featuring Taoiseach.

The subject of the nude painting is none other than the Irish Prime Minister Brian Cowen. The same painting was found in two Dublin galleries where police were called in.

This controversial painting shows Mr Cowen holding his underpants and it appeared in the Royal Hibernian Academy while one of him pictured on the toilet was displayed in the National Gallery.

If the painter or painters reveal their identity, they could find themselves answering questions from Irish police whether it was political subversion or artistic expression.

According to the National Gallery, they were the ones who called in the police; however, they were disinclined to comment further on the matter. They only mentioned that the painting had been up for no more than 20 minutes before it was removed.

The gallery further stated that the painting was not authorised to be on display and that garda are investigating.

Another thing that the academy is deciding is the issue on whether or not to call in the police to investigate its mysterious appearance. Thereafter, the spokeswoman refused to go further.

She mentioned: “We don’t want to make more of it than it is.”

Mr Cowen’s nude painting still exists on the premises. However, it is displayed not on public view but in one of the offices.

Reports also revealed that one woman who saw the painting offered to buy it.

According to the Irish police, investigation into the matter is currently being done and that they are in possession of the other work.

As for a state broadcaster RTE who showed pictures of the portraits in its output, he said that he would be making an on air apology.

The corporation’s spokeswoman mentioned that upon reflection, they realized that this was “in bad taste”.

Here’s one good taste of paintings. Look into abstract art paintings on any abstract art gallery. There you will find nude abstract arts that will never be removed from public eyes.

How to Paint Animals Hair and Fur Colors – Learning to Paint

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Just like humans, animals also have their individual uniqueness such that no two are identical. There are numerous differences seen in fur, hair, color and texture. An animal’s fur color is seldom one tone. All reflections, shadows, as well as highlights enhance the variation in color. Do you want to learn more ideas and guidelines in creating basic paint formulas for obtaining the correct fur colors? If you do, then read on.

The first thing that we should consider is what may be the trickiest color for fur. That would be white. However, take note that white fur is not pure white. Thus, it would be best if you always add other colors to the white. In order to create a cool variation, you might want to add a touch of black in order to come up with a soft gray. On the other hand, if what you want is a warm tone, then you can add a little amount of burnt umber. While working on your layers, you will be lightening this white. Pure white may be the placed as highlights to your very final layers.

Next thing that we should do is to create brown fur tones. In order to come up with browns, begin with white and then add red and burnt umber. For dark brown fur, you should add more burnt umber. As for red fur just like those that a fox or cat has, you can create the same by starting with the brown mixture and later adding cadmium red medium to it. If you want some red fur variations, you can choose to add more or less burnt umber and cadmium.

Lots of animals also have yellow tones in their fur or hair. To place them in your paintings, make use of a light brown mixture and then add some cadmium yellow medium. The amount of yellow or burnt umber you make use of determines the value you create.

Last but not the least, one of the basic animal fur colors is black. Similar to white, black fur is never pure black. In order to create a nice mixture which you can do to reflect areas of a shorthaired animal, mix black with Prussian blue and then add a touch of cadmium yellow. Such combination works beautifully if what you desire is a very sleek shiny cool look. If, however, what you desire to create is a warmer look, then combine black with cadmium red and alizarin crimson.

Above all, you can still do some experiments with color before you apply them to your final painting. You should always practice first on paper. Do so by starting with light values and then darken them. Thereafter, create color scales for each of the basic animal fur colors.

Always bear in mind that painted animal hair and fur colors must intimately match your subject. Make use of the colors mentioned in this article to start. After which, add pigment to go with the color needed. The most important thing of course is to have fun and enjoy learning to paint animals.

If you want to see more interesting paintings of animals, you might want to visit any abstract art gallery. You will find various abstract art paintings of animals there. You will be able to see various ways of painting of animals. Who knows, you might also learn some animal painting strategies from the gallery paintings.

Crepe Paper Flowers to Dazzle Your Home

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Do you want to amaze your family and friends by filling your home with your own flower creations? Well if you do, you can make use of crepe papers in the creation of your flower decorations. With the use of the said crepe papers, you can create your swags, bouquets; tiebacks for draperies, wreaths, or in some other ways that you want to use these beautiful paper flowers in your home decor.

Creating paper flowers to decorate your home is not in only cheap but it is also fun. With just a little bit of practice and with the use of several supplies and materials, you can already create a dazzling home. Almost all of the necessary materials could probably be found inside your home. The common tools necessary for the making of the paper flowers are wire cutters, scissors, a ruler, a brush for applying the glue, a pencil or knitting needle, and, of course, your patterns.

Some of the needed materials may already be something that you already own while those that you don’t have should be easy to find. The things that you really need in order to create these beautiful flowers are crepe paper of few different colors, florist wire usually 20 and 28 gauge, floral tape, and craft glue. But if you don’t want to create them, you can make use of stamens. In order to hold the paper flower’s shape as well as to make it shine, you might want to spray your finished paper flower. What is usually used to spray crepe paper flowers are clear spray gloss as it is specially made for paper crafts.

Adding some embellishment to your crepe paper flowers like beads and glitters is also another option that you can do. If you want to add some beads, it would be better if you make use of small ones. This is so because they will not weigh down the petals of your flowers. Also, you only need to add a drop of glue to wherever you are going to put your bead. If you still want to add a larger bead at the center of your flower, make sure that it is not that heavy so that your crepe paper flower top will not be heavy.

If what you want to add are glitters, it would be better if you make use of spray glue and then spray the same to the flower. After which, sprinkle some glitters over the flower and then let it dry. Thereafter, spray the flower with a coat of spray clear gloss and then let this dry. If you do so, the glitter will not easily come off and it won’t be necessary for you to place much glitter everywhere.

Another way of dazzling your flowers is through the use of magic markers, craft paints, powdered chalk, crayons, waxing, etc.  Take not however that when you do waxing, you should always be very careful around small children. In making use of the preceding, you might as well try your hand at whatever you may want to use to embellish your crepe paper flowers with by all means. Remember that any craft trial and error is the most important part of the crafting.

You can place your beautiful flowers in any part of the house that your desire. However, you must bear in mind that they are usually not waterproof; hence, you should choose carefully on where to place them considering the possibility that they may be splashed with water.

Placing them inside the bathroom can also be done most especially if you add a little scent to them. When you have quests, this will add a nice aroma. The only thing that you should do is to add a drop of scented oil a few places on your flowers. This way, you can already have a amazing bathroom smell. You can also choose to place these scented flowers anywhere in your home. Adding some abstract art painting, the subject being flowers can also add to the dazzling effect of your crepe paper flowers. You can choose to create your original abstract art or you can visit any abstract art gallery where you can choose which painting can greatly add to your paper flower theme.

Thus, dazzle your friends through the creation of paper flowers as decoration of your home. You can also give these crepe paper flowers as gifts for friends and family most especially if they were dazzled by what you can do with them in your home!

Brazil’s Best Job: Painting Nude Carnival Models

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In Rio de Janeiro, the Mr. Lucky of Rio’s Carnival is Betto Almeida.

Almeida a 36-year-old artist who wakes up at 8 a.m. After taking his little breakfast and surviving a commute through the city’s tough traffic, he arrives at the office by 11. At the office, he spends his working hours painting the bodies of gorgeous women while earning as high as $2,000 per day.

Almedia even said pokerfaced: “You wouldn’t believe how many applications I get for an assistant.” He mentioned such fact while continuing his work. At that time, he was brushing bright orange paint on the stomach of a model inside his glass-enclosed studio which is located under the grandstands at the Sambadrome. It was where the Rio’s Carnival parades ended Tuesday at dawn.

He also shared: “But it’s hard work, man. I take my job seriously.”

Almeida is indeed slight, soft-spoken and unassuming. He even dedicates his art to a sideshow of the samba parades where his models were able to earn about $250 per night just to mingle, while dressed only in paint and with high-rollers in the luxury boxes.

Almeida wears chequered pants, a denim-and-camouflage hat and a green shirt having a red phoenix when he goes to work with a casual air at the same time as the party-crazed hordes outside press their noses to the glass and snap photos.

Not only that, he works as television soap opera art director. However, he has been brushing, dripping and spraying paint on several of the most gorgeous bodies that Brazil’s Carnival has to display for the past 12 years.

According to Michele Peres, a 28-year-old model of Almeida who was then wearing tiny black shorts, snakeskin stilettos and a watch, the quality of this artist was important to her professional success.

She further shared that she has been modelling for Carnival and other events for nine years already. That time, Almeida has just painted a jaguar on her breasts. Peres also said that Almeida is the best body painter she was able to encounter come across and his work draws more attention to me. She said it was good for both of them.

Also, an actress became interested in Almeida’s painting. She is 22-year-old Luana Minini. She was then her first appearance as a Carnival body paint model. No wonder she took a little more timid posture. She allowed Almeida to paint on the critical areas of her body in a back room. It was only after that when she agreed to have a red parrot with green wings painted all over her chest and have it completed under the public’s gaze.

Minini said: “I’ve always worked in theatre and dance. This is a bit more free- spirited. But I’ve learned to control my nervousness. The paint acts as a cover, it makes me feel protected.”

According to both women models, some men, usually foreigners, get a bit playful in their box seats, when the models start mingling with them for 15 minutes and that was prior to a 15 minutes champagne break in a glassed-front room next to Almeida’s work space.

Minini also said that it gets a little rowdy. “Not too many men grab us or anything, but there is always one or two who get a little confused. Brazilians understand the ambiance of Carnival and they come here prepared to see this,” she continued.

While the models were being interviewed, Almeida continued working. Even if he had sweat on his brow, he stated that the hard work is worth it. He gets paid by a modelling agency that employs the women in the amount of $1,000 for the more or less two hours it takes to paint each model. He paints two women a night during the samba parades and for one typical year, he gets to paint a minimum of 50 women for different events.

Here’s what he finally stated: “I started doing it for theatre and one of the samba parade officials asked if I would do it for Carnival models. How could I say no? A lot of guys are jealous of my job.” Who would not get interested with his contemporary paintings? Other than abstract art paintings, this is another interesting painting method of original art.

Nude, Mona Lisa-like painting surfaces

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In a Renaissance version of Mad Magazine, it was stated that Leonardo da Vinci could have painted his famous Mona Lisa in several ways and that includes nude paintings. Just recently, a Mona Lisa painting was brought out and it pretty much similar to the original. As a consequence, a sparking debate regarding how far the master took his iconic painting came about.

The said painting that was just revealed was hidden for almost one century and the hiding place was within the wood wall of a private library. Guess what the painting  shows? Well, it is actually a portrayal of a half-naked woman that can be clearly linked to the popular Mona Lisa in clothes.

The said controversial work that is all over the news these days is suggested in documents that it was at least based on a similar work by d Vinci that was never seen before. If you want to take a look at this painting, you should visit the Museo Ideale which is situated in the Tuscan town of Vinci. Such town was the birth place of d Vinci in 1452.

Although there no exact resemblance between the lady in the portrait and the original Mona Lisa, there is however a bit of a doubt that it has some similarity with that gallery painting which is currently hanged at the Louvre museum in Paris.

“The frontal look, the position of the hands, the spatial conception of the landscape, with columns at the sides, shows a clear link with the Mona Lisa’s iconographic theme,” Alessandro Vezzosi, director of the museum, told Discovery News.

Such naked portrait was once owned by Cardinal Joseph Fesch (1763-1839), the uncle of Napoleon. It was installed within the wood walls of Fesch’s private library for about a century before he traded more hands within the Napoleon family.

Cardinal is indeed an art lover as shown by his striking collection of artworks. Among his collection include da Vinci’s “St. Jerome” which is presently situated in Vatican gallery. He was able to discover the same in pieces from a second-hand dealer in the Roman shops.

Did you know that there is a note that was dated way back in 1845? Such record states that the Cardinal purchased “the portrait of the Mona Lisa, mistress of Francis I, by Leonardo da Vinci,” from a certain Rospigliosis who is a rich aristocratic Roman family.

According to MSN, the portrait passed to different hands after Cardinal died, possibly went to Napoleon III by purchase and finally ended up in the hands of a descendant of Luciano Bonaparte who is Count Giuseppe Primoli. He is actually the brother of Napoleon and the painting became part of his private collection.

Although there was documentation on how the painting was originally purchased, it is however an insufficient proof to verify that it was indeed the work of da Vinci himself. Thus, there would be scientific and artistic investigations that will be done on the nude portrait so that the date of its creation and the name of the creator will be determined. Nonetheless, even if the investigation will later result to the fact that the painting was not created by da Vinci, as most experts say, it might however be based on an original that was lost by the artist himself.

According to the leading da Vicni scholar Carlo Pedretti, he thinks that it is possible that Leonardo da Vinci painted a naked Mona Lisa. Pedretti, who said such statement to the Discover News, is the director of the Armand Hammer Center for Leonardo Studies of the University of California located in Los Angeles.

There are also several other claims saying that there was indeed an unclothed Mona Lisa that was painted over the years based on the the theory that da Vinci might have had some fun after he had created the famous image around 1503-1506.

Vezzosi released a statement saying: “There are at least six nude versions which are very close to da Vinci’s hand. All are attributed to the da Vinci school. The most likely scenario is that his followers got inspired by a now-lost original.”

Vezzosi further stated that the original naked Mona might have been part of a series of erotic portraits created by da Vinci as well as his pupils that were never released in public due to inappropriateness.

Oftentimes, the topless versions of the Mona Lisa known as “Monna Vanna” are truly considered as the portraits of a court mistress or prostitute.

Despite such fact, the said painting was still able to inspire the creations of other nude artists. One of the painting influenced of the original art painting of Raphaello’s of his mistress which was created in 1518 and was entitled, “The Baker Girl.”

Vezzosi also said that their quest for naked Mona Lisa’s continues. He further stated that they are presently on the tracks of another interesting version in Las Vegas.