Nude Madonna painting in auction

For those who love and idolize Madonna, this news might surely interest you. Guess what? There is an oil painting that is depicting Madonna in the nude together with her ex-husband Guy Ritchie which is under the hammer this week.

Several undressed portraits of this pop icon have been created by the acclaimed Scots artist Peter Howson.

We all know that the couple separated last year but the painting of Madonna and Guy was created in 2005.

This contemporary painting shows that the singer is reclining while the film director Guy has a hand on her thigh.

According to the McTear’s auction house in Glasgow, the work is expected to reach up to £22,000 once it becomes available for sale on Saturday.

Brian Clements, one of the auctioneers mentioned that there is no doubt that the recent split of Madonna and Guy has created increased interest in the painting.

Clements further stated: “The painting created a huge amount of controversy when it was unveiled a few years ago and I think it’s safe to say it is one of a kind.”

Among the past customers of this acclaimed painter include Mick Jagger and David Bowie.

If you remember, the marriage between Madonna and Guy’s began in 2000 and their wedding was like a fairytale as it took place at Skibo Castle in the Scottish Highlands. Unfortunately, it came to an end last November when the “quickie” divorce of the two was granted.

Custody of their two boys, Rocco and adopted son David Banda, is shared by the parents.

Other gallery paintings that might interest you can be seen in some abstract art gallery.

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