Recycled Art – Incorporating Collage into Your Artwork

Are you looking for some items that you can incorporate into your paintings? Try looking around your studio or garage. Surely, you would be amazed at the items that you will find. As for me, recycling my work is something that I enjoy. At times, there are certain paintings that don’t work out; hence, the first thing that come to mind is to throw it away because of disgust. This might be an improper thing to do because when you actually cut it into 3 or 4 sections, you will find that each section can look startling particularly when included with other chosen and cropped pieces. What you can do is to combine the pieces almost as if it were a new puzzle. In order to create a perfect whole, you have to decipher which pieces fit together.

In addition, you can also make use of magazine images or recycled newspaper images. Take note however that you have to be careful of copyrights with regards to the magazine images. There are also other collage additions that you can make use of such as nails, fabric and beads, wood and some other materials for as long as you believe that they would make art work more interesting. Thereafter, your art work will appear as a mixed media piece.

When you do incorporate some other elements into your work, you will be able to create textures and volume. When a viewer sees it, he or she will feel new sensations. In fact, aside from looking at the painting, he or she might want touch the work. If you combine different mediums and 3-dimensional objects together, usually, you will be able to create a mood that could not have been attained in any other way. The painting journeys from areas of focus to areas of texture. This attaches an element of mystery for the reason that the story is not totally presented. When you have non-specific texture, mystery is created.

Quality is also something that your artwork should have. This is so because when it would be complicated to make something which is exceptional and good-looking if the materials you are using are substandard products. Thus, it is best to use the best. Make use of the best cropped pieces originating from your old not-so-perfect paintings.

Another benefit that this artwork provides is that fact that when you make use of recycled objects or cropped paintings in creating your art piece, you are likewise helping and protecting the environment for the mere fact that you are not throwing things into the landfills. As soon as you are able to build up a comprehension of the possibilities and limitations of your materials, the door to the creation of contemporary paintings with greater freedom and confidence shall open. Visit any abstract art gallery for additional motivation and inspiration.

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