Rod Blagojevich Nude Painting

What’s next to Sarah Palin’s nude painting? Well, guess what, it is a painting of the Illinois Governor Rod Blagojevich. More paintings from Bruce Elliot indeed! Last December 2008, Elliott was reported to have been working on the painting and he intends to hang the same in the Old Town Ale House in Chicago. He intends to place the painting next to the Sarah Palin nude painting which he previously created.

There’s more in the scandal about Illinois Governor Rod Blagojevich and that is his nude painting. It can be remembered that Chicago artist Bruce Elliott nude the Alaska Governor Sarah Palin in September 2008 and he hanged it in his wife’s bar, Old Town Ale House. The Palin nude painting created some commotion during that time.

Who would have known that it would be Rod Blagojevich’s turn to be painted? He also had the honor of being hung nude in the Chicago tavern.

Elliott was able to finish the Blagojevich nude. He then hanged it next to a naked Sarah Palin painting. This is his second installment of what he calls as his ‘nude governor series’. If you have seen it, you will find that he was able to do a pretty good job in getting Blogojevich’s hair right.

According to Elliott, he hopes that this painting will bring as much controversy as caused by his Palin nude when he was currently painting the same. He said:

“Irreverent hardly begins to describe it. The scene imagines Blagojevich handcuffed and wearing an orange jumpsuit pulled down to his knees.

Among the onlookers is a guard, with a look of grim determination, pulling on a rubber glove.

The painting, which is taking Elliott a little over a week to finish, is titled: “The Cavity Search.”

Another contemporary painting from a famous artist has been created that have caused some controversy. You might find some more art works of Elliot in abstract art gallery.

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