Charity declines money from sale of Carla Bruni’s Nude Painting

Ever heard of the nude painting of Lady Carla Bruni, the France’s First Lady? Well, what’s controversial in that painting is the fact that a Swiss charity that runs a children’s hospital in Cambodia has declined to accept a $91,000 donation in exchange of that nude photo of France’s First Lady. They termed it “inappropriate as Cambodians disapprove of exploiting female flesh for money”.

According to the doctor who runs the hospital, Dr. Beat Richner, the donation will embarrass families of children treated at hospitals. This was reported by Mirror in April 2008.

“It would be seen as an insult. In Cambodia, use of nudity is not understood as it is in the West,” he stated.

Also, he further said that the idea behind the gift was to get publicity for the auction and the photographer and it was them.

Thus, the cash went to a research institute.

It was Michel Comte who shot the black and white photo and it was taken in 1993. More so, it was during the time when the Italian born Bruni was a model when the shot was made and it was long before she met French president Nicolas Sarkozy.

Still, Gert Elfering, who is a collector, was able to acquire the photo from Comte and he auctioned the same through Christie’s in New York. Try visiting some abstract art galleries and you might find this among the gallery paintings.

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