Female Nudes with Unusual Shapes

There’s one Italian painter that had two things in the fullest intensity and he is Amedeo Modigliani. The first thing refers to the art of painting while the other refers to his poverty. These two things played fundamental roles in his short and imaginative life.

The contemporary paintings of painters such as Georges Rouault, Toulouse-Laytrec, Pablo Picasso and Paul Cezanne were his favourite and they were among those that had influenced his art. What characterize the paintings of Modigliani are large spaces covered by the colours, distortion of the figure of the subjects in purpose, and the liberated use of flat areas of colour.

Even if had a lot of very beautiful portraits of unknown as well as famous people, his prominence was caused by his paintings of female nudes. What makes Modigliani’s paintings interesting is the fact that the female nudes had unusual faces.

What he preferred to use as a replacement of the natural looking faces are flat and mask like faces. His paintings show the eyes of his models that are the nude females’ eyes and most of them were shaped like almonds. As for the noses of the females, they were a bit twisted. Usually, when he creates his artistic nude paintings, most of them show the stretched out neck of the female nudes. It is notable that the paintings of Modigliani’s female nude models had fascinating arrangement of curvy lines and flat planes. What he had executed in his nudes is the remarkable idealization of feminine sexuality.

Another thing that helped him is his infrequent brushes with solid art of sculpture. Also, his friendship with Constantin Brancusi has helped him to instil in his paintings the features like simple stretched out forms, strong linear rhythms, and distinguished verticality. You might want to visit an abstract art gallery as it may exhibit these famous Italian paintings.

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