Celebrity Painters

Celebrities also have passion in paintings not as a buyer but as the creator himself. Aside from their acting skills, there are a lot of actors out there that possess painting skills. A lot of them are gifted singers, painters and dancers. Among the celebrity painters are David Arquette, Josh Hartnett and Ex-Beatle Paul McCartney.

1. Josh Hartnett, the next Van Gogh

Josh Hartnett is a promising football star who got a knee ligament injury during his high school years. Because of the injury, he shifted his attention to acting and painting. Even if he is talented and already a successful actor, Hartnett says his first passion is always painting. In fact, he even took a break and chose to travel to Africa in order to brush-up on his oil painting techniques.

2. Viggo Mortensen, Renaissance Man

Viggo Mortensen is very well-known for his when he masterfully portrayed the character of Aragorn in the Lord of the Rings trilogy. Aside from acting, he is also another celebrity painter. He is likewise a poet and photographer. He also had exhibited his art in the galleries of Los Angeles, New York and even Greece. He had his Los Angeles gallery just recently and he was able to attract 1,500 eager visitors. A lot of Mortensen’s murals were showed in the film entitled ‘A Perfect Murder’ which was shown in 1998 and was starred by Michael Douglas and Gwyneth Paltrow. A mish-mash of media is his art style. He makes use of poems, photographs and assorted objects and he layers them with paint and thereafter conceals them with an additional layer of color. Among his paintings contain apparently mundane items like sponges, wire, tape, nails and rugs.

3. André 3000: From music to Monet

We know of Andre 3000 as one of the famous duo, Outkast, who took the musical world by storm with catchy, upbeat songs. Among their songs is ‘Hey Ya!’ and among their appealing melodies is ‘Ms. Jackson’. André is prominent for his funky attitude and shocking sense of style. As for his painting, André makes use of bold colors in a surrealist style. Because of this style, he is considered as one of the most unusual celebrity painters to seek out.

4. Paul McCartney: Beatle, Knight, Painter

Who would not know Sir Paul McCartney from the all famous Beatles? Now, he is not only a former Beatle but also great celebrity painter. What seems to inspire Paul McCartney is the sensuality of art, revealing in the application of the paint, the textures and colors. Only when McCartney turned 40 years old that he became interested and picked up a paintbrush. A lot of his artworks were portraits and landscapes. One painting which was inspired by his first wife Linda is that entitled ‘The Kiss.’ The said painting shows two cartoon-like characters kissing where the man, who looks like Paul, is wide-eyed and is seemingly caught off guard by this surprising kiss.

5. David Arquette Sprays it

David Arquette is tremendously thrilling in his character in the Scream series and Buffy, the Vampire Slayer. Other than that, he is also pretty handy with a can of spray paint. Even if he has a lot of acting obligations, he still has time to show his talent as a graffiti artist. He was able to paint an ocean scene on the outside of his and wife Courtney’s bedroom. He did so because he and his wife wants to feel like every day is a day at the beach. David Arquette is broadly recognized in the sphere of celebrity painters.

6. Jane Seymour, Doctor to Dilettante

Another celebrity that is also a celebrity painter is the former Doctor Quinn. What Seymour prefers using in her paintings are water color and oil. It was over a decade ago when she first picked up painting after she encountered a period of personal struggle. When she shifted her attention to art, she was able to undergo the healing process. If you have seen her paintings, you would surely notice how colourful, vibrant and delicate her paintings are as she showcases meticulousness and admiration for the art form.

7. Pierce Brosnan, Bond’s Brushstrokes

Our very own James Bond is not only a sexy spy but also a celebrity painter. Pierce Brosnan was first trained as a commercial artist. Just recently, he started selling his artwork so that he can raise money for charity. Even if Brosnan’s specialty is concentrated in landscapes, he was still able to produce lots of portraits of his family. Usually, he makes use of his wife, Keely Shaye, as his model. Two of his art works which were entitled as Bisou Moi (Kiss Me) and Fiji were intended as gifts for his wife on Valentine’s Day and Christmas.

It’s really impressing to know that these celebrities have the artistic side in them. You might find contemporary paintings of these celebrity painters lined up with paintings of more famous artists in other abstract art gallery.

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