Abstract Art Creates a Concrete Effect through Abstract Wall Art

Have you been deciding on what type of art you prefer? In looking for the perfect wall decor for the rooms inside your home, it seems like you are going through an intimidating task. During the historical times, lots of decor styles have existed. Among the most prominent and enthralling types is abstract ones. What comes to mind if we come to think of it are abstract art paintings and sculptures.

Conversely, a large variety of mediums can present abstract art. So that we can better appreciate abstract art, we should be able to realize the exact meaning of the same.

Abstract art has quite broad meanings. Nonetheless, abstract art would exactly refer to those types of Western art of the 1900s, which: A) abandon representation and B) have no starting points or finishing points within nature. More importantly, take note that it is completely a contemporary art. This is so because the art itself is abstract. This simply means that the abstraction does not depend on a specific object or nature itself.

We have known that Abstract Art began towards the end of the 1800s when artists started to abandon the thought of art reproducing objects and nature. Instead, they began focusing on the idea of expressing one’s ideas and oblivion. At present, this type is expressed in different forms like a wall art. This did not start as a specific art form but rather, it progressed similar to other movements which are Expressionism, Cubism, and Fauvism.

The first artist who often receives credit for creating a painting solely using Abstract Art is the Russian painter Vasily Kandinsky and it was done approximately during the year 1910. Thereafter, it became very prominent approximately between the years 1915 and 1920. The reason behind its prominence is the Netherlands’ De Stijl group.

The thought of this became more and more prominent in the United States because of the two European exhibitions done in the early 1900s. It was in New York where the first exhibition happened and it was during the year 1913. On the other hand, the second exhibited occurred in San Francisco during the year 1917. Throughout this period, there were several young American painters started to experiment by using new artistic styles and among them is Georgia O’Keeffe. During the years between World War I and World War II, there was continuous growth of Abstract Art. In fact, it had been considered as the Western art’s most classic attribute starting 1930s.

The cessation of the World War II occurred during the same time when the art form Abstract Expressionism started to exist in the United States. In fact, the American and European sculptures and paintings had a very great impact.

The Minimalism turned out to be the main medium of Abstract Art during the 1950s. Among the present abstract wall art now conveys this artistic style. As compared to its prior variations, this type was simpler and less personal. As time passes by, the focus on the same developed into exploring the link between forms and colors. When the first sunrise 21st century arose, art forms like figurative and conceptual art had turned out to be as important as Abstract Art.

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