Nude Nicky Watson

Another celebrity has found nude painting interesting. Nicky Watson has also taken her clothes off for a painting.

As part of the Auckland Art Fair, a giant nude painting of Eric Watson’s former wife who is bathed in red and entwined in hair has been exposed and went on sale.

The artwork was entitled “Venus from Hell” and it was completed after a month. Guess who the painter is. He is none other than the celebrated artist Liz Maw.

Out of around 650 gallery paintings displayed in 40 galleries in New Zealand and Australia as part of the fair, Nicky’s painting was one of them. There were also other artists who were involved in the fair and they were Patricia Pucinini, Colin McCahon, Jim Cooper and Shane Cotton.

According to the Auckland Art Fair director Jennifer Buckley, the event was available to everyone.

He said: “There are artists, collectors, curators the curious – and you can just walk around, there’s none of that intimidating feeling of walking into an empty art gallery.”

“It’s hard to get your head around contemporary art, but this is an access point,”

Nicky Watson said as she shared how “honoured” she was to be a model for the painting t the Sunday News.

“I was required to pose nude but it was always Liz’s intention to cover much of my body with hair so nudity wasn’t really a concern. Besides, I actually love the female form and everything it represents so I see only beauty in nudity anyway,” she continued.

32-year-old Watson also conveyed to the paper that she was “speechless” after she was able to see the finished product.

She also said: “For me Liz’s work is charged with meaning and because I portrayed the character in this particular painting I instantly felt very connected to the image.

“Needless to say, it’s rather bizarre to view a larger-than-life painting of a figure that looks in many ways exactly like yourself,” she further stated.

The contemporary paintings were displayed last May 1-3 at the Marine Events Centre on Auckland’s Viaduct. Try browsing other abstract art gallery, you might find other paintings of Liz interesting.

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