Basic Knowledge on Pop Art Paintings

Have you ever heard of Pop Art paintings? If not, then let me make you aware. Pop art was an art movement that originally took place in the United States of America and it was during the early sixties particularly New York, the place that was regarded as the epicentre of this art phenomenon as it confirmed its trend setting leader position. Even though they said movement powerfully exploded during the early sixties, it was only during the late fifties that attempts of change started to happen.

It began in the work of Jasper Johns and Robert Rauschenberg. These were the painters who wanted to change the abstract mode of artistic expression. Their goal was to make the conveying of art’s message easier so that it can be easily understood by the public. The first pop art paintings have with it easy to identify images of ordinary items. They introduced such form of painting so that they can incorporate these objects to mock the gravity, the metaphysical dullness of abstract expressionism which they said had began to become out of fad. So Jasper Johns and Robert Rauschenberg had introduced amusing objects into their first pop art paintings. They introduced maps, flags, and targets or stuffed animals as well as rubber tyres for the former artist. And now, what make the pop art movement famous is their primary features and they are mockery and irony.

For this new art trend, the most representative artists were James Rosenquist Andy Warhol, Claes Oldenburg, and Roy Lichtenstein. They created pop art paintings that were characterized by their original display of popular culture’s symbols such as media images, advertisements, or even comic strips. These new, colorful, lively pop art paintings indeed opposed the gravity and the spirituality of abstract expressionism prominently. As a result, these kinds of pop art paintings become prominent between and among the art loving individuals as well to the art critics community. Despite these facts, still, abstract expressionism remains to be greatly appreciated. The mockery didn’t work a bit to put down abstract art paintings.

Indeed, the pop art movement became famous and powerful. However, it has been proven that it failed to totally displace the abstract expressionism. Instead, it was able to determine the birth of two new schools of abstraction which are minimalist art and color-field painting. Regarding the color-field painting movement which was primarily represented by painter Helen Frankenthaler, curtailed the power of abstract expressionism’s old features and turned it into a style totally committed to the utilization of pure color.

Up until now, our art history books contain the American art of the sixties where the period of steady rivalries between different competing styles and ideas took place. Nonetheless, the pop art paintings expressed best the ideas and the symbols of the American lifestyle during the sixties. You will surely find them in a collection of gallery paintings.

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