The Beauty of an Abstract Painting

Have you tried visiting an art museum and gazed your eyes at an abstract art painting? If you did, were you able to discover what the artist was thinking at the time he created abstract painting? If you also did, what was it? Although you might only be curious on where the abstract art painting originated, still, if you ask these questions for yourself, probably the time has come for you to learn what beauty an abstract painting has.

It was very long time ago when abstract arts started to exist. Few hundred years ago, artists started to create abstract arts. There are a lot of famous abstract paintings which were created before. Like for instance, the famous abstract painting made by Van Gogh. Also, Picasso created his own abstract paintings. Another artist that is well known in this field of art is Modigliani. These artists, including the artists nowadays, are the main reasons why art of abstract painting became so popular even in this modern world.

You might have been asking, what exactly is an abstract painting? Well, they define the same as in various ways. First definition is that an abstract painting does not represent realism just like traditional paintings. At first, almost all arts portray a photographic or realistic expression over something or someone. However, abstract art is not done this way. An abstract painting is defined as an abstract painting that does not show objects naturally existing. Instead, what are being used are colors and shapes which is formed in a non-objective and non-representing manner. It does not show any particular person or object as it can be of anything, anyone, or simple nothing at all.

When you gaze your eyes at an abstract art painting shown in an abstract art gallery, you can simply see what I’m talking about. If you closely observe an abstract painting, you would see some bright, bold, and vibrant colors. An abstract painting comes in a lot of biometric shapes which is used together with bold colors so that an artwork would be noticeable. You might obviously regard an abstract art painting as both strange and beautiful.

During the 1940’s, the “Abstract Expressionism” movement began. They started this movement because they want to show the freedom of an artist’s expression plus they also wanted to promote abstract art painting. The said movement began in a school in New York where it was also known as “Action Painting.” This was among the first American schools where independence from the European artwork style was declared. What they want others to see is that they their art is a form of spiritual and intellectual art. Because of this, abstract art painting was further pushed.

Hence, after you became aware of the history behind the art of abstract painting, probably you have understood abstract arts a bit better. Appreciating all kinds of art just like the strange abstract art painting is important. In the end, if you are able to have better understanding of art, probably getting a piece of this artwork would be among your goals. Isn’t it very interesting thing to look at abstract arts? I bet it is!

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