Guess who this other celebrity who participated in a nude painting session is! It’s really amazing that nude paintings are now famous contemporary paintings. We always see her in the famous “Sex and the City” series as the man-eater Samantha and she is famous for getting her kit off.  But now it’s kind of different. Actress Kim Cattrall has taken a leaf out of her on-screen persona’s book. She has posed semi-naked in a recreation of a classic painting by Titian.

Sex and the City star Cattrell was persuaded to pose in the recreation of the masterpiece Diana and Act aeon. This happened after BBC2’s The Culture Show dared Tom Hunter, who is a photographer famous for his recreation of old masters, to create a 21st century edition of the painting. Hunter then supported a campaign intended to raise £50 million. In order to keep the piece of art on display at the National Gallery in London, the said amount was reared.

Actually, Cattrall is a big fan of Titian’s work. She is of British descent she frequently visits the National Gallery if she is within the capital just to see Titian’s gallery paintings.

Someone told the actress that there is a chance that the painting may come down. But she responded that her painting is like being in the existence of a genius. Hence, she further stated that it would be a tragedy if it were not on public view.

On the part of Hunter, he gave an explanation on why he got Cattrall on board for the project. He mentioned that Kim is the perfect Diana, that she is just like the Greek goddess where beauty and a sense of threat are combined, and that she was a great sport. Cattrall, even at 52, made an amazing Diana. She more than held her own among a room full of twenty-something, Hunter further stated.

Hunter also stated “The picture can’t of course hold a candle to the original which deserves to remain on public view. This painting is sublime and to lose it to a private collection would be a tragedy.”

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