How to Create Torn Paper Painting?

There is another interesting way to create contemporary paintings that you can display in your own abstract art gallery. Using the artist hands, a fine art may be created by tearing into tiny bits a recycled magazine paper and thereafter layering the pieces with the use of everyday glue on the canvas of your choice. Lots of artists preferred create their work by means of mixed media or collage. In this article, the artwork which will be described will concentrate on the sole use of hand torn paper in order to create an impressionistic art which is comparable to the renowned French impressionists work.

First thing that you should do is to start collecting old magazines and/or probably trade publications. Go over the magazines and with you scissors, cut out the big swatches of color. This refers to those pages where advertisers habitually use wide sections of color to serve as the background of their ad. These sections of color would refer to your paint pallet. Remember that if you are able to collect more colors, you will have more paint in the creation of your masterpiece. Similar to what you are doing when you are making use of paint; create a complete range of colors for your pallet. Gather the bits of paper in sandwich bags. For instance, put all your reds in a red bag, all the yellows should be placed in a yellow bag, while all blues in a blue bag, etc. If you are able to gather lots of different colors, then you would have more color choices in the future.

Second thing that you should so is to buy a reasonably-priced, small-to-medium size paint brush plus a bottle of multi-purpose glue. It’s more advisable to begin with a small canvas at first. You can either make use of a canvas board or a stretch canvas. Thereafter, pour a little amount of glue into a bowl. After which, you can now add a small amount of water in order to thin the glue and later stir both the glue and water together in order to create a smooth consistency.

Finally, select a simple subject. You can choose still life views such as flowers, fruit, and small household items. Now, you can finally begin with your masterpiece. You can easily tear a magazine paper in one direction but it is not that easy in the opposite. What you should do is to hold your color paper and then make use of your finger nails to start tearing the paper. If you are able to tear and rip it in a straight line, then you are tearing in the correct direction. Alongside the tear, you will be able to find a white edge on one side while on the other side, it will be clean. You can decide on what effect you will place in your masterpiece. Whatever effect you wish to create, it will likewise depend on which piece works better for your design.

Now, using the glue and the brush, begin by brushing glue onto the canvas. Later, put the torn paper on the glue and then brush glue over the paper. You can now continue to layer another paper on top of the first color until you are able to create their picture. Every time you add paper on top of another, it is very much recommended that you place a new layer of glue so that you will be secured and allowed to continue layering. Now you can line up your new masterpiece with the other gallery paintings.

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