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Fantasy Abstract Art

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It is known that abstract art comes in many forms. One attractive form of abstract is Fantasy abstract art. This form of art utilizes myths, dreams, wild designs, magic, and major stories. Every fantasy art differs from Roman Gods to Mermaids and to different fairy tales, etc. When you are able to see a Fantasy art, you will discover that the same totally based on imagination or some other things that have emerged just like how you were able to dream about them.

Majority of all fantasy abstract art work makes use of oil on the canvas material. This is so because when you utilize the same, the drawing will have a supplementary attraction plus the art will appear more realistic. Usually, when an artist creates a fantasy art drawing using oil on its canvas, the said art has still differences on its price package depending on its size similar to other gallery paintings. Like for example, if you wish to avail of oil-on-canvas fantasy art having the size of 18’x24′, you have to pay the approximate amount of $375. Fantasy art can be regarded as an abstract form. However, the same art form is likewise developed as a form of modern art.

Just like a 3D abstract art, you can also develop a fantasy abstract art by making use of software. This method only emerged during these latest years. If you make use of this software, you will be able to draw quickly plus you can easily create a fantasy art. This sets the said form of art apart from other abstract art paintings. More than that, you can even add many features that you can actually use. It has already been more than twenty-five (25) years since Fantasy art surfaced and there had already been several superb masterpieces created by various artists.

There have been a lot of recent developments on Fantasy abstract art at present such as angels, aliens, dark, collectives, dreams, dragons, furry, fairies, goddesses and gods, including myths, mermaids, vampires, and sci-fi. How are these actually developed? Well, what artists simply use is their imagination. They would try to picture their dreams and later place it on their canvas. A lot of art lovers is expected to surely find this art form really attractive, thus, as a consequence, its development progressively increases in number. Hence, if you are among those who find Fantasy abstract arts attractive, you can get hold of one at approximate cost of $8 and you can either choose to have them framed or mounted. For samples, visit any abstract art gallery. There is a great variety of incredible fantasy art works done by various artists, hence there are already a lot of selection to choose from.

Modern Abstract Art

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After America suffered from the World War II, a form of art was created. It was then known as the modern abstract art which is identical to abstract expressionism. Because of this, New York became the center of modern art. This is a form of art which was created in 1946 by an art critic named Robert Coates that highlighted impulsive, automatic or subliminal conception. With the use of this modern abstract art, an artist makes use of forms and colors in order to express himself without the need of making use of any real object to represent himself.

Abstract expressionism is regarded as the first American artistic movement. It became internationally significant and was initially used to express those made by Arshile Gorky, Jackson Pollock, and Willem de Kooning. There are two groups that comprise modern abstract art. The first one is action painting, which was initiated by artists like de Kooning, Pollock, Philip Guston, and Franz Kline. The second one is the color field painting which was practiced by Kenneth Noland and Mark Rothko. Despite the fact that painting can become stressful because of the fact it involves physical action, color field painting is much more focused on the exploration of the effects that pure color can bring on a canvas. Also, even if there are no conventional art regulations that must be followed by abstract artists in creating modern abstract art, still there are some usual characteristics are shown in abstract expressionist paintings. Some examples would be the use of large canvases, giving equal importance to the entire area of the canvas and emphasis on the canvases inherent flatness. If you have doubts, you might as well buy an abstract art and find out.

During the 1906s, abstract expressionism had lost its significance. However, even if such fact exists, it was still able to influence the development of those other modern abstract such as minimalism and pop art. Minimalism plainly means narrowing down a form of art into its most basic features. When an artist does a minimalist painting, he only makes use of a limited number of colors plus he utilizes geometric designs which are uncomplicated. Among the notable minimalist artists are Dan Flavin, Martin Puryear and Carl Andre. On the other hand, it was during the late 1950s when Pop art surfaced in the US and UK and the themes of mass culture such as comic books and advertising are the bases. This form of art is also known as neo-dada and it was initiated by Marcel Duchamp.

It can’t be denied that Modern abstract art is progressively becoming more known globally. There might be abstract art gallery that don’t exhibit them together with the other abstract art paintings. More than that, it is likewise trying to sever the barrier among cultures where high art are separated from the masses’ public forum.

3D Abstract Art

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Abstract art is prominent nowadays. It is of several types and among these types is 3D abstract. What exactly is a 3D abstract art? Well, this is a form of abstract art which is different from abstract art paintings as it is designed and drawn using the help of modern technology. This one makes use of software having multimedia and graphics. In this type of art, multifaceted types of speedy drawing and image modelling are developed. The said software is used for the purpose of aiding the developers to be quick at the creation of the art and be able to produce attractive designs of art pieces.

The software for 3D animation is divided into two (2) factors. The first one is graphics and the second one is multimedia. These two helps in the quick development of designs without need to undergo difficulty. Not only do the features of this software aid in the development of complex models without exerting much effort but it is also one which is very user-friendly and exceedingly efficient. Among the best software providers that offer a product where you can create a better 3D abstract art form are Ulead, Newtek, Allume and Eovia Systems. You can get hold of their 3D abstract art software at a price ranging from $30 to $200, it depending on what feature you are looking for. In addition to the above-mentioned software, this type of modern art likewise makes use of 3D drafting and 3D rendering software.

One of the best known 3D software in the market is the 3D Home Architect as it is great to use when you develop a 3D abstract art form. Said software is specially intended for business and office purposes including educational purposes. The most prominent brands that make this type of software available to the market for commercial purposes are Mattel and Encore. Its price ranges from $30 to $60 and is available in other abstract art gallery.

Useful 3D software is the Floor plan 3D abstract art which makes use of effective art designs. These designs are classified into computers along with electronics and there is only one brand which offers this type of software and it is IMSI. When you make use of the same, you may be able to perform a home design solution complete with all its features.  The cost is fixed in an amount between $10 to $40. What makes this software great is that you can actually develop more efficient and effective art forms. Knowing this, would you not buy an abstract art?

Flowers in Painting

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The way an artist express his imaginations is through his paintings. In his paintings, you will see his perception of the world around him. The usual subject of artists’ creations is landscapes, sceneries, and some other elements of nature. A lot of painters are fascinated with the beauty and artistic appeal of numerous types of flowers. What painters find challenging is that the painting of flowers which bloom only for a short period of time. In order to perfectly catch the real meaning of these flowers on their canvas, what artists do is to paint them using several shades so that the flower would be given a natural effect.

It has been long since flower painting has been in existence. During that period, various modern together with traditional artists came up with their own portrayal of the different kinds of flora in their paintings. Among their ways of portrayal is through abstract painting.


It is a fact that we cannot always understand what an artist wants to show in his painting although there is a given subject. We can only draw our personal conclusions as to what we may think it represents. In fact, when artists paint, they can only decide on a title of their own after they are through with it as they were carried away while painting. If this is true in terms of paintings of real person, how much more if we talk about animal abstract painting.

Abstractionism can be said to be showing great vision. It is confusing for people since sometimes; the manner of expressing very plain forms appears to others as very wishy washy. As a consequence, the painting is completely misunderstood. It is, however, fair to mention that we are not always expected to understand the creations of artists. But, it would also be fair to say that you should have a great degree of sensitivity to understand this style of art. Although it contains only the real meaning of the original subject, it will, however, emit emotions. Unknowingly, you might find yourself interested in this type of work. It has the capacity to catch you attention and there is just something about it that would stir up an emotional response from you.

Floral abstract art paintings are showcased in various museums and abstract art gallery. If you are looking for an interesting home decor, gallery paintings might be the best choice for you.

Evoke your Emotions

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There are various kinds of professional painters. Others prefer to paint pictures of real people, others would like to paint real objects while others would prefer create paintings following an unlikely format.

Have you ever wondered what an abstract art is all about?

Abstract art is simply defined as the art form that paints nature for expressive effect. During the times when there arises a physical change in our natural surroundings, it is expected that an abstract landscape painting would thereafter exist.

According to W. Kandinsky, who is one of the most famous 20th-century artists and who is credited with painting the first modern abstract works, out of all the arts that exist today, abstract art painting is among the most complicated arts. What artists usually do is to make use of warm, cool palettes in order to stir up their emotions and be able to speak calmness by means of this unique art of abstract landscape painting.

If you are good in describing the nature plus you have great sense of colors and composition and you are great at drawing, you might to try out this form of art as you will surely have fun. Nonetheless, this is extremely important.

If you are an abstract landscape painter, I’m sure you are aware of the numerous rules and guidelines to follow to be able make your true magic appear right on the canvas.

The said rules include the following: (a) That there should be balance in the composition; (b) That the tone and texture should be proper; and (c) That you should take care of the harmony, tension and contrast.

If you are interested in knowing some of the renowned abstract painters who were able to establish a name and prominence in this area, some of them are Barnett Newman and Sean S. You will surely find some of their great works in some abstract art gallery.

If you are able to pull some emotions from the viewer of your creation, it can already be said that you have attained mastery in the field of abstract painting. It is worth knowing that during the 20th century, the artists then made use of certain techniques just to get their paintings done in its true creative way.

Considering the fact that these forms of painting exists at present, it can already be stated with certainty that landscape remains to have a large potential and capability to stir up emotions despite reaching industrialization. Regardless of what you want to do, you might as well consider starting your thing by making use of this unique type of painting beginning today.

The Life of Francisco de Goya

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Francisco Jose de Goya was born in Fuendetodos, Spain, on March 30th, 1746.  His family later relocated to Saragossa, where Goya came to be under the tutelage of local artist Jose Luzan.  A few years later, after a sojourn in Italy to study, Goya returned to Saragossa where he received his first commission, painting frescoes in the Cathedral of El Pilar.

Goya created designs for a tapestry factory in Madrid, painting scenes of everyday life in Spain. His worked were very sought after, and in 1780 he was elected to the Royal Academy of San Fernando.  Shortly thereafter, he was named painter to King Charles IV, who was perhaps the most educated of the Spanish Monarchs of the era, and ultimately appointed Goya to the post of court painter.  Goya painted portraits of the social elite, but he also continued making more tapestries.  This was the height of Goya’s artistic career, and he was at this point, considered the most successful, sought after and admired of all Spanish artists.

Alas, tragedy struck, and Goya was stricken with a mysterious illness that left him completely deaf.  Later, after the death of his friend and brother-in-law Francisco Bayeu, he took over his duties as Director of Painting in the Royal Academy from 1795 to 1797, when he resigned due to ill health.  Two years later, in 1799, he was given the title of First Spanish court painter.  Being only capable of communicating via sign language or handwriting, Goya became a silent observer of the world around him.  Surprisingly enough, his work took an unexpected twist, and he developed a more caricature-like style with which he created several satirical illustrations based on human weakness and his own whimsical imaginings.

Francisco Goya was the Father of Modern Art, his idea that the artist’s personal vision had more importance than his subject opened new ways of thinking which helped art break free from commissioned portraits and religious imagery.  Goya’s artistic career lasted over 60 years, and in that time he showed an incredible evolution from Baroque all the way through his own groundbreaking style.  Artists ranging from Manet to Pablo Picasso have cited his work as being influential in their development.  Goya painted for himself, his view of the world, and his candour gave his work resonance that would not only inspire, but also enlighten.

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