How Can You Tell What Abstract Paintings Are Worth?

Looking at an Abstract art can actually be very exciting. By its nature, it must be forward-thinking plus it can be often observed as having an astounding collection of textures and colors. On the other hand, abstract art can also be intimidating. It’s hard to determine what these abstract art paintings really are worth. Perhaps a lot have already heard someone say that he can easily create his own abstract or that their little kinds can quickly make such form of art.

How does a high quality, investment abstract art stand out as against brow random expressions of colors where you can’t even find a dollar equivalent?

The first thing that sets these two groups different is your personal fulfillment, your own realization that is shown in a painting. The decision is yours as you have the full control over this kind of observable fact. The questions that may be probably asked is did the painting move you or are you able to imagine gazing at the same painting every day.

The next distinction is the time that separates these two categories from each other. When you are able to determine time, most probably you will be able to find out the time where various artists rise or fall in to the priceless and worthless fields. Alas, almost all abstract art does not suffer the test of time.

A lot of artists use one and the same style or theme. This is what’s holding them back from searching for the center of their artistic soul. However, Sudargono or Gono, an artist, does not effort with this at all. He always makes sure that he regularly redefines himself and his art. After every few years, he has developed in medium and approach. He endeavors frequently into pragmatism to sharpen his skills and keeps on growing. By now, he can say that he can already rest as he has already had great achievements, he being among the fathers of abstract art in Indonesia. Until now, he keeps reinventing! Just this previous year, he started working on his most original abstract art paintings to date and it can be best explained as an oversized pointillism. You will surely see how brilliantly intense the colors and textures are!

The next thing that separates the two groups is education and experience. You should probably ask if the artists are, in reality, a painter. A lot of people are great copycats. They can greatly copy one of the works of great abstract painters. Nonetheless, you will still see the great difference. Usually, you just simply create a mixture of colors and/or textures in the abstract expression. However, these are intricacies that can only be learned when you study so that you can master the creation of abstract art. The time taken to experiment is also considered to determine experience. Just like other famous artists, Gono has fairly a background in studying and painting.

Élan Vital is another name of a well learned painter and experimenter. Élan is a resident of Maui and that his paintings can be considered as among the most original art you could ever see. You would surely like to see his résumé as it is really remarkable. He finished psychedelic lighting design, engineering, sculpting, painting and even fashion design. Because he underwent all these courses, it led him to his secret style. Élan makes use of pigments and gemstones in his paintings. These pigments and gemstones are mashed until they turn into powders. After which, he mixes them with aerospace enamel. The said enamel is that which is used to fasten the stealth fighter. He utilizes all his knowledge in the creation of his paintings. He makes his own materials plus he ‘engineers’ his paintings using no brush at all. For every painting, you could see about 30 and 100 layers of his process. This is very much similar to a liquid gemstone psychedelic explosion, isn’t it? Who would not say this he is absolutely brilliant.

I also learned of one more things concerning abstract art, whatever your opinions are, it is always valid. You need not be a famous critic so that you can communicate a good critic. Whatever you can see and feel when you gaze at a painting is all valid. On my part, I tried not to ask the artists what his painting is all about. What I did instead was to tell my views to the artist first. Whatever you can think of when you look at a painting is actually there! No wonder why I very much love abstract art. You can perceive a creative process in these paintings. Your imagination as an art lover is equally important as the painters.

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