Black And White versus Color in Artistic Expression

In visual art, I believe that the widespread notion is that full color, is a more satisfying viewing experience as compared to restricted color or black and white. Similar to countless other art concepts, this is extremely arguable.

For instance, Black and white photography is one example of an artistic medium which portrays the notion that off-putting an image to black, white and shades of gray is capable of producing an artwork which that is much more dominant and striking than images which has a complete range of color. There were several black and white landscape photography that was created by Ansel Adams and Brett Weston. If you have seen them, then you will agree with me that restricting the color of images can actually cause the creation of some outstanding results in artistic expression much more in pieces of artwork. Black and White color used in the creation of artistic painting is as striking and outstanding as abstract art paintings having different colors. Several famous black and white artworks of painters are created by renowned painters like Giocometti, El Greco, Franz Kline, Picasso, Ad Rhine hart, Robert Mother well, and Jasper Johns. Get a dazzling view of them in some abstract art gallery.

I bet you have encountered the expression “less is more.” If you make use of less color, it can lead to much more expression just like the examples that I have cited previously. You might be obligated to look at this avenue of expression if you are an artist. On the other hand, if you are an art aficionado, it is but proper for you to learn how to understand this avenue of artistic expression. Photographs that are Black and White are actually exceptional abstract art forms where you can explore the beauty and power shown by a limited color palette. This fact is similar with printmaking, drawing and, of course, painting. The best example of the power of black and white is seen in German expressionism as shown in their paintings, drawings, printmaking and film.

Now we can say that having less can be having more. However, having more is not necessarily less! Can you now see the beautiful contradiction?

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