Mystical Abstract Art

There were several tries done in order to express an abstract work and they made use of words such as “emotions”, “soul”, and “feelings”. If you try to look at it, you might discover that these words are hints on what is really happening between the viewer and the artist.

This is Mystical Abstract Art.

Both the mystical environment and the world of art pave its long way back along with a lot of common faces of one another. These common faces include the fact that both desires to go into a deep unknown and later desire to express it into this physical world through one means or through another.

As a result, a non-representational picture is understood that you cannot easily comment on them. Although the one who is viewing an abstract art painting may be “moved” by the artwork, he cannot however tell the reason why. But for me, I believe their sleeping soul has something to do with it as it is being soothingly or otherwise aggressively dazed into a explicit awareness. Because of the belief that physical body of a human have very few understanding on what is actually happening, they are left to effort in clearing up a holy thought as compared to a physical point of view.

Nonetheless, if you an artist who has obtained and who is living by a few understanding of some spiritual features, you would agree that there is something that would happen to a viewer when he is able to encounter a mystical abstract painting.

Let us try to picture the entire episode while considering all aspect in order to see the actual happening between the viewer and the artist.

First, is the Spirit. Among the primary intentions of Spirits is to convey a spiritual understanding into a physical reality. In order to do that, one way that is considered is to enter time and express a probable opportunity for a receptive body. The said body can be seen in two forms. It may either be the messenger offering the opportunity or the person himself to whom the opportunity is being offered. In case it would be the former, then there would be a lot of ways in which that message can be conveyed. Among these ways include the production of a challenging illustration or allegory through an abstract art.

Second is the Messenger or more popularly known as the artist who is usually remembers their own inner enigmatic visuals. When the time comes that the artist gets inspired, he immediately expresses his visions into his own style of depiction. Thus, I believe that there is a possibility that a lot of artists are unaware of what they are actually drawing on their canvas. Probably, what they are only aware of is the fact that there is an imperative force to work with particular colours, or to draw using a definite style.

Third is the Art. When we say art, we mean a personalized expression of the inner visuals which is translated on board or on canvas or by means of any other handy suitable medium during that time. What the artist does is to visualize something in their mind and later express them into the physical world. As a result, an artwork of surreal allegory, or simply a plain abstract presentation where definite colours or shapes are used, or a be-riddled story is created. An art has elements and every element it has shall or will include a prospective key that is set to permit the suitable viewer to access into its interesting but artistic environment. Try looking at several gallery paintings to know what I’m talking about.

Fourth is the Viewer. When you are a sympathetic observer who is viewing the art, you may originally have an indescribable sympathy with it. Perhaps, they would be sensitively attracted by image before they knew it. After which, their thoughts may start set off other thoughts and thereafter steady realizations begins to show causing the gain of strength and later causing the acquisition of a personal creative understanding which is only apparent by themselves although it may later involve others who will encounter them.

Fifth is the Gift. At first, a vision was still unclear until it comes to a point the truth begins to become apparent to the receptive viewer. It come in different forms like it may be a through a personal revelation, or a plain affirmation, or rather through a particular mental, spiritual, or inner encouragement. Also, it may be in the form of an energizing instruction for a hungry or struggling soul or through the offering of a sense of contentment within an exigent situation. Depending on what is required by the viewer, this gift can either be simple or complicated. It can eternally influence as it remains relevant over a period of days, weeks, months, or years.

Above all, if you desire to have a piece of art produced the next time or rather you choose to go over an abstract art gallery, you need not have doubts or think that you don’t have enough understanding of art as you can just open your eyes and surely you will be able to perceive what an abstract art really means.

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