Modern Abstract Art

After America suffered from the World War II, a form of art was created. It was then known as the modern abstract art which is identical to abstract expressionism. Because of this, New York became the center of modern art. This is a form of art which was created in 1946 by an art critic named Robert Coates that highlighted impulsive, automatic or subliminal conception. With the use of this modern abstract art, an artist makes use of forms and colors in order to express himself without the need of making use of any real object to represent himself.

Abstract expressionism is regarded as the first American artistic movement. It became internationally significant and was initially used to express those made by Arshile Gorky, Jackson Pollock, and Willem de Kooning. There are two groups that comprise modern abstract art. The first one is action painting, which was initiated by artists like de Kooning, Pollock, Philip Guston, and Franz Kline. The second one is the color field painting which was practiced by Kenneth Noland and Mark Rothko. Despite the fact that painting can become stressful because of the fact it involves physical action, color field painting is much more focused on the exploration of the effects that pure color can bring on a canvas. Also, even if there are no conventional art regulations that must be followed by abstract artists in creating modern abstract art, still there are some usual characteristics are shown in abstract expressionist paintings. Some examples would be the use of large canvases, giving equal importance to the entire area of the canvas and emphasis on the canvases inherent flatness. If you have doubts, you might as well buy an abstract art and find out.

During the 1906s, abstract expressionism had lost its significance. However, even if such fact exists, it was still able to influence the development of those other modern abstract such as minimalism and pop art. Minimalism plainly means narrowing down a form of art into its most basic features. When an artist does a minimalist painting, he only makes use of a limited number of colors plus he utilizes geometric designs which are uncomplicated. Among the notable minimalist artists are Dan Flavin, Martin Puryear and Carl Andre. On the other hand, it was during the late 1950s when Pop art surfaced in the US and UK and the themes of mass culture such as comic books and advertising are the bases. This form of art is also known as neo-dada and it was initiated by Marcel Duchamp.

It can’t be denied that Modern abstract art is progressively becoming more known globally. There might be abstract art gallery that don’t exhibit them together with the other abstract art paintings. More than that, it is likewise trying to sever the barrier among cultures where high art are separated from the masses’ public forum.

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