Flaming Art – Contemporary Abstract Art on Fire by Derek Collins

Do you know one artist who was able to create an art which is fascinating and unique? Well, I do. There is this particular Scottish artist who has been regularly exhibiting his works at Artery Gallery and who is a professional Lanarkshire artist. He is none other than Derek Collins. What sets his artworks apart from other gallery paintings? Well, Mr. Collins has been creating fascinating abstract art works using rare materials such as certain powders, special resins, liquids and pigments. These materials are carefully poured on the canvas. More than these rare materials, what makes his paintings come to life is the most important ingredient which is unexpectedly fire!

Mr. Collins has been using some specialist paint effects in his painting and fire is just among those that he has using for a lot of years. “I love the way other paints and lacquers affect one another, if one paint is not compatible the other paint does not want to touch it so it moves away or breaks the weaker paint and forms another effect. When you then add the thinners of different paints, another reaction takes place, too much thinner will make it flow out but set it alight and it will evaporate the thinners and seal off the paints,” he communicated.

In addition to these lacquers and paints, Mr. Collins also made use of all types of additional materials in his art such as sand and shards of glass including leaves and moss. More than that, his customers may request that certain gems, stones or personal photographs be included in his artwork. Just lately, a woman who saw his flaming art approached him. This woman inquired if he could incorporate her mother’s ashes into the painting.

Mr. Collins considered this an exceedingly sensitive matter, thus, he agreed with great pride and care. He even said that somewhat people are often left with loved ones ashes and they become somewhat unsure of what they are to do with them. He said that using the ashes in a painting is an excellent way to remember a life. It can even create something close and personal which can be kept in the home plus the family have something to keep for years and years to come as Mr. Collins further stated.

When Mr. Collins was still starting as a decorator, his point of expertise was utilizing colour although he also had the enthusiasm to experiment and produce. He has great achievements with his present art works and this is the product of his experimentation with decorative paint effects on his stone floors. This is simply a natural progression of his artwork. Thus, what he has is the freedom of expressing his desires to create and they are all portrayed on his canvas. Obviously, his excellent paintings are works of contemporary abstract art.

The primary abstract art gallery that has been supporting contemporary Scottish artists over the years including Mr. Collins is the Artery Gallery. And up to now, it continues to enhance artist profiles. Mr. Collins indeed made massive leaps forward during the previous years. His art is now among the very much recognized and highly sought artworks within Scotland and also in the UK.

You can get hold of an abstract art painting of Mr. Collins at the Artery Gallery found in both St. Andrews and Crieff as he exhibits his fine artworks in the said gallery regularly.

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