The Life of Vincent van Gogh

On the 30th day of March in 1853, a famous painter was born to parents Anna Cornelius Carbentus and Theodorus van Gogh. That artist is named Vincent van Gogh.

The first time that art became a part of Vincent’s life was when he was employed at The Hague Gallery. The French art dealers Goupil & Company, which was established by Vincent’s uncle, owns the gallery. Later, he became an assistant teacher and preacher.

Still wanting to be a clergyman, he went to Belgium and enrolled in a missionary school. This profession was short-lived however, so then the young man set forth to become an artist, which he perceived as the last resort to be closer to God.

Vincent’s younger brother Theo sent Vincent some money, due to the fact that he was still struggling to be an artist. He then returned to The Hague Gallery and asked his cousin Anton Mauve to teach him how to paint. His uncle commissioned him, hence his style of using bold colors were first brought to attention. The focus of his paintings was mostly the poor and the working class.

However, the market of his paintings was rather slow. Theo, his brother, has been trying to sell them. The slow sale of his work led to a clash between the brothers. Vincent van Gogh travelled, finally settling down in Antwerp, where he found the ideas, models and supplies that he needed to continue his chosen profession.

Later on, he moved in with his mother who lived in France (his father was already dead). There, he saw the works of Monet and other French artists. The artist was inclined to painting portraits. However, due to financial difficulties, he was unable to hire models. He opted to use himself as the model, utilizing a mirror during his painting sessions.

Through the years, Vincent perfected his craft and was earning well. As fate has it, the artist became ill with epilepsy, which forced him to have psychotic attacks from time to time. He continually grew worse. This was the same time when he cut off his ear and painted it. Another famous painting that he made during this time is the “Starry Night”, with which a popular song has been made in our generation.

He has been trying to commit suicide ever since. Once, he attempted to swallow some of his paints. He died on the 29th of July, in the year 1890, which was two days after he shot himself.

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