Naked Skin as Canvas

As we all know, social attitudes about artistic nudity have changed. This has from time to time led to conflict over art that no longer conforms to prevailing standards. Like for instance, some members of the Roman Catholic Church once organized the so-called “fig-leaf campaign” to cover nudity in art, starting from the works of Renaissance artist Michelangelo but the Church has since removed such fig leaves and restored the works.

The nude has become an enduring genre of representational art, especially painting, sculpture and photography. It depicts people without clothes, usually with stylistic and staging conventions that distinguish the artistic elements such as innocence or similar theatrical/artistic elements of being nude with the more provocative state of being naked.

A nude figure is one, such as a goddess or a man in ancient Greece, for whom the lack of clothing is its usual condition, so that there is no sexual suggestiveness presumed.

A special case, where nudity, though not permanent, is physically necessary for the art to be created and observed, is body art which uses the skin as the medium like a painter’s canvas upon which the markings are created.

While the techniques used, such as tattooing and scarification are often used in a more artisanal way, as most body markings have less of anaesthetic than a social and communicative purpose. Some clients carefully select artists and designs for artistic beauty to decorate significant skin surfaces, preferably coordinating the different designs — some like displaying them in public while others rather keep them hidden except in select company, accordingly preferring to mark body parts that are commonly clad.

Do you wish to see Nude and Abstract Art Paintings?

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