Miniature Paintings

Miniature painting, as its name itself implies, is a painting that is smaller than usual. More detail is employed on this type of artwork. Usually, a smooth surface is utilized to effectively paint on. According to history, miniature paintings originated from the medal depictions of ancient Rome. There is also some proof that it came from the ancient Egyptians, based on their writings in scrolls. If you check antique manuscripts, you will see that small paintings are made either on the book cases, book covers or on the edge and corner of the pages itself.

Miniature paintings were made to demonstrate some things that could not otherwise be expressed in words. Through time, the drawings become more complex and expressive. There was a time when portraits were made into small pieces so they can easily be carried around. This is very similar to our modern printable pictures that can easily fit in our wallets.

Some people think that for miniature artworks or pieces, the model themselves must be miniature. That is not so. Miniature artworks are simple paintings reduced to a small size. Great detail is put into these pieces so that they would effectively resemble its model, even if it is very small. That is why it takes a lot of effort and time to make one.

However, miniature paintings are not limited to being small. There are actually huge sizes of miniature paintings. It simply means that something very large (the model) is reduced to a minimum size. For example, one can create a big painting of a miniature town. It can be very tough since all necessary details must be employed, aside from the fact that they are minute.

Some miniature paintings are no larger than a square inch. This is the reason why most people opt for these miniature paintings to be placed in objects and act as design or accessory. Russian lacquer boxes often have miniature paintings. Others put it in jewelry boxes to further accentuate it.

Most of the subjects of miniature paintings are nature related, such as flowers, butterflies and insects.

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