Painting for Beginners

A lot of people believe that it takes an innate talent to be able to paint—that is not true. If you really want to paint, passion and zest are the necessary ingredients. And of course, a little research here and there won’t hurt.

If you are really into it, then the next thing you need to consider is which medium you would like to use. You can choose between acrylic painting, oil painting, watercolor painting or acrylics. Even if you are just a beginner, it pays to choose materials with the highest quality. Of course you don’t want your painting to be viewed at something cheap, not because it was not created by a professional, but because the poor quality of paints have adversely affected your painting.

Apart from preparing your materials, you must also prepare yourself. Study about ways to mix colors. Not all colors blend well, especially for different materials. Also, you have to learn how much part of each color needs to be added to be able to produce the right shade and texture of color you desire. You can search for color-mixing strategies on the internet.

Another important aspect in painting is finding a subject for your painting. You don’t just mix colors and then splash them on the canvass. You must have a theme. Also, you should decide on the size of the painting and also the technique which you are going to employ.

Inspiration is not easy to come by, especially if you haven’t decided on your subject yet. There are many artists who experience the “artist’s block”, whether he is an expert or a beginner. For this problem, various books, journals and even visuals that can give you a spur of inspiration.

As it is, learning about how to paint is still important to make sure that you create a painting, still life painting, landscape painting or abstract painting that you can be proud of.

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  1. thanks for advice

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