First question that comes into mind is “Why do I have to apply varnish on my artwork?”. The answer to that is due to the fact that acrylic or oil painting is vulnerable from dust, dirt and other pollutants found in the environment. To limit and slow down your paintings’ degeneration varnish must be applied. The application of varnish is actually considered as the final layer to be added to your acrylic or oil painting after it has completely dried. In addition to the varnish protection property it also binds together the appearance of your painting aside from the fact that it gives your painting some luster, glossy or a glassy look.


Now that we know the importance of applying varnish to your oil and acrylic painting here are some tips that would guide you in choosing the right procedure to follow in applying the varnish and the right type of varnish to apply.

1. Wait for the right moment before you apply the varnish. It is imperative that the application of varnish should be applied only after the painting has thoroughly dried out otherwise the varnish may result to cracks.

2. Use gloss varnish over silk or matte varnish. This is due to the fact that gloss varnish when dried leaves a clear appearance compared to a matte varnish that would leave a frost-glass appearance that may interfere with the finer details in your painting. Unless of course you intend the frost-appearance to form part of the whole painting.

3. Use removable varnish. Make sure that you apply varnish that can be easily removed. Examples of these are water-based and solvent based varnishes. This is for the sole reason that if later on your painting gets discolored and you would like to replace it, then removing the varnish would not be a problem.

4. Do not rush into varnishing your painting. Remember you have created your masterpiece toiling on it for hours, days, weeks or even for several months, it wouldn’t hurt if you spend another extra hour to clean the painting and make sure that it is free from dust and dirt.

5. Remember to apply double coats of varnish. In applying the coats leave the first coat overnight to dry before you start applying the second coating.

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